A MUST READ – 5 Ways To Remain Physically Attractive As A Man

Study and experience has told me that if you ask a woman “what do you want in our marriage/relationship”? Most often, you will get a big lie.

Fat lie. If you follow what she says bumper to bumper. It will end in pain. But men has observed and documented what keeps women happy.

1 – Be a man.

Be bold, be confident, be courageous. Put her in her place without flinching. She knows when she gets out of line and she expect it. If you don’t do this, you’re sowing the seed of future disrespect. Funny enough it can turn her on.

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2 – Remain physically attractive.

A woman wants a man that can cheat on her anytime with his choice of woman, but make the choice not to…. So that he will be faithful to her.

She wants to see the jealousy and lust in the eyes of other women when they see you guys together. That makes her feel she has a high value man.

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3 – make money… Make more money.. I don’t think I have to explain this.

4 – When she says, “baby, look at my new hair” stop what you’re doing for 30seconds and pay attention, give compliments. She’s looking beautiful for you…. No matter what she tells herself.

5 – Never argue with her.

Ever! She wins by default because she succeeded in dragging you into it. Never allow it. If she wants to insist, leave the room. Sometimes, she wants to argue with you… Because it’s the only way she can get your full attention.

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