LET’S TALK!! What’s The Craziest Rumor You’ve Ever Heard About Yourself?

Hello Guys,

Today, let’s talk about this life related issue. We believe you all must have handled Rumor at one point in your life or the other 😄

The way rumor spread about, one need to be very careful as some words can hurt like a Knife or even more.

Do away from Friends or family who might be jealous of you or say shit about you everywhere they go.

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Sometimes, Rumor can be true and sometimes false but sincerely speaking they all have their own bad side.

Now, the question is 👇

What’s The Craziest Rumor You’ve Ever Heard About Yourself?

Drop you comments.

For Me

While I was in school, I got close to a Lady so we can be lovers and to my surprise, the lady said, I don hear your score! You don nack all the babes for this Campus 😳😳

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I was shocked, me wey never even touch 1 babe at all. Guess she and her friends felt cos the dude is rich, he must have bamboozed all the babes on Campus.

The relationship no even work at all.

Tell us yours!!

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