2019 Election! If You Have The Power To Stop 1 Politician From Politics, Who Would That Be & Why?

Hello Guys,

Nigeria politic is fun, tricky and deadly. The return to civilian rule in May 1999 after a tedious experience in the military rule was arguably one of the greatest things that happened to Nigerians.

However, most of us thought Democracy is the solution to our problem but I can say, the Military regime is even way better than what we are currently experiencing in Nigeria.

Our leaders have taken us for a Fool, promising us endless opportunities and a better life but nothing to show for after their many years in office.

Over the past 16 years, Nigerians have gone through hell in the hands of these so-called Leaders and Politicians.

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Ranging from the Local Government Chairmen to the Senators, Ministers to the Governors and the President, None of them truly cares for us as they all promised us during their Campaigns 😞😞

They promised heaven and earth during their campaigns, they even come into our area to cajole us for Votes but immediately they get into office, our hood becomes a danger zone for them until they need us again.

2019 is around the corner and everyone has wisened up waiting for them to come and feed us with lies again.

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Well, as 2019 Election approaches, Some politicians will do all they can to retain their current position while some will fight so much to get into a new post without treating the people right in their previous position.

We will like to ask Nigerians πŸ‘‡

If You Have The Power To Stop 1 Politician From Politics – Who Would That Be?

We want to know and hear from you all.

Drop your comments.

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