Let’s Talk!!! Aside Social Media Apps – Name Other Apps You Can’t Do Without On Your Phone

Hello Guys,

These days, we do almost everything on our Phone. Whether it’s Business, Education, Interaction or for Research. Our phone is our close pally, all Thanks to the Internet.

Well, all that been said, one thing is still very sure, Social Media Apps are the most used Apps on anyone’s mobile phone as we use them to keep in touch with Friends & Family and to keep up with the current happenings on the Internet.

Today, we will like to ask you all this very simple question 👇

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Apart From Social Media Apps, Name Other Apps You Can’t Do Without On Your Phone

Feel free to tell us the name of the Apps and what you use them for.

Let’s get to learn from each other.

Who knows, you might be helping someone 😉😉

Drop your comments.


For me – Apart from Instagram & Whatsapp, I can’t do without these apps below.

Remindeo – This is the best app for organising my day to day activities. I set Meetings, Shopping and To-Do Reminders on my Phone.

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Youtube – I use the Youtube App almost every minutes to watch Tutorial Videos. I can’t do 30 minutes without this App.

Grammarly – As a Content writer, this is very handy for me when writing Articles on the Go. The best app to write write error free articles.

What about you?

Drop your comments.

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