Married Women Should Be Entitled To 70% Of Their Husbands Assets After A Divorce – Joro Olumofin

Popular relationship doctor, Joro Olumofin feels married women should be entitled to 70% of their husbands assets after a divorce According to him, ‘It’s so sad.

Nigerian wives are suffering every day because there are no stringent consequences to Infidelity in a marriage.

Perfidy and Lewdness is in the DNA of 85% of Nigerian men because having more than 1 girlfriend is a sign of success and good health’.He went on to say, ‘the victims of these behaviors are Nigerian wives who look on in destitute as their husbands break their vows on a daily basis without any consequences.

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The Nigerian Courts should enforce a “70% – 30%” Law in the case of infidelity by a Husband. 70% of assets go to a wife if her husband cheats.

This will secure the future of women after a divorce and reduce duplicity by men in marriages’.


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