My Wife & Her Wahala, You Will Believe What She Did The Day I Called My Ex Who Works In A Bank

I got married in 2018, I love my wife so much and I know she loves me too but my wife is too dramatic.

She always claim she trusts me but mehn she doesn’t let me out of her sight.

I do everything and it’s affecting me, we have a son and another is on the way, she has refused to learn how to drive on purpose, I take her everywhere, antenatal, market (hate this one the most), I drop and pick her from work, am forced to go church or other programs which I wouldn’t like to go.

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She goes through my phone every 3 days most especially at night.

She noticed I snore I asked for a separate room, she will never let me, she Insists we sleep with light on.

Sometimes I pray for Nepa to take light. The day I called an ex that works in bank to assist me with transaction due to crowd, she went through my phone saw it, I had to explain out of anger she smashed my phone she does this very often she has smashed hers b4.

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I feel like running away for a week but I can’t leave my work or our son and she might go to my parents which I wouldn’t want.

Pls I Need Help On How To Tackle This Wahala

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