Airtel Network is giving out free 1.24gb Valid for 7 days Stay Home and Enjoy free data

Airtel are dishing out free 1024mb =1.24Gb respectively in this stay at home period, so that people can have access to information about the Coronavirus pandemic disease, also to enable people who can’t afford data to have no excuse for being uninformed about the disease.

This is the simple way to get it:

1) Download Airtel app on GOOGLE PLAY STORE, or if someone has downloaded it just tell him to share it to you, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

2) Install the app on your phone

3) Lunch the app but ensure you have inserted the particular sim for the particular network you are lunching it app.

4) You will be required to input your mobile number and OTP will be generated and your phone will automatically detect it.

5) You are now free to browse the any INTERNET, because immediately they will give you 1024mb

You don’t need to have data before installing the app.

NOTE:- If you share the app to Someone immediately he/she download it you will be giving another 500mb valid for 7days



Just ensure you use the correct sim for the correct app. The free data will last for 7days.

Please share this post to all your friends and stay bless Stay home and enjoy free Data


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