Stop Saying I miss your called, It’s ungrammatical. See what to say

Learning English language is like learning how to swim or how to ride a bicycle, but unlike swimming, learning a language tales place everywhere in the world. This is why learning the basic rules of English becomes imperative.

You can not write or speak well in English language if you do not pay attention to basic corrections in English language. Not only paying attention, also, taking the necessary corrections required.

Below are some of the grammatical errors in English that we speak everyday. Please endeavour to take corrections and apply it on your daily spoken English.

Don’t say/call it——————————————Say/call it

Ear piece—————————————————-Ear Phone

Escape goat———————————————-A scape goat

I have ten sheeps—————————————I have ten sheep

Mother in laws——————————————–Mothers in law

Plate number———————————————-Number plate

Open teeth————————————————–Gap tooth

K-leg————————————————————Knock knees

Many peoples———————————————-Many people

He gave me an advice———————————He gave me a piece of advice

Down Nepa————————————————–Power Outage

Up Nepa——————————————————-Power has been restored

I have two trousers———————————‘—–I have two pairs of trousers.

One of the boy is here———————————-One of the boys is here

Where you brush your teeth in the bathroom is called Brushing tub and not sink.

Drinking water———————————————-Drinkable water

Driving licence———————————————-Driver’s licence

I like watching movies—————————–‘—–I like seeing movies

Keke Napep—————————————————Tricycle

I have a shoe————————————————–I have a pair of shoes

Commissioner’s quarter——————————–Commissioner’s quaters

I was bitten by rain—————————————–I was drenched

I saw your missed calls———————————-I missed your call

Ways you can improve on your spoken English:

1) Read educative books like novels.

2) Always pay attention to news.

3) Aways jot down new words and look them up in the dictionary.

4) You should download dictionary on your phone for easy access.

5) Make sure to learn new words every day.

6) Learn how to position your verbs in a sentence

7) Cultivate the habit of watching educative programmes on your TV set. Like Quiz competitions.

With all these, your written and spoken English will surely improve in no small measure.

Ask your questions, I will be there to answer you in the comment section. Thanks

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