My Experience With A Lady That Came To Spend The Night At My Place

Hello Fellow Usherloadedies, how is the lockdown treating you?

So, a fellow Naijloadite sent this and requested that you read and make your contribution.

This lady on WhatsApp, she complained one time that her boyfriend drinks a lot, and she doesn’t know how to make him stop.

I gave my little piece of advice and told her to pray for him.

She as well complained that he spends more than 100k on drinks every week. And they have been together for 6 years now.

Actually I have met her once and it was brief.

So yesterday she buzzed me that she’s bored.

I invited her over to my place for the first time. (with a clear mind share, I’m on fvck strike)

She came around 5 pm, we talked for a while, then she went into the kitchen to cook for me.

While we were eating and discussing, I discovered that the discussions nor gree end again.

I ended mine severally with full stops, but she kept on and on and on to even more useless talks that were reducing my brains signal.

At some point I get lost in her talks then I just face my phone but I try to capture the last three words she said after each discussion.

Then I’ll continue from there to make it seem like I was following.

Me; “He said his father is a man? you don’t mean it”

Na the fresh kush my supplier bring me yesterday keep me company during her rant.

I was in a different zone entirely. Was looking at her like wallpaper.

“Let me put movie for you”

she said; “no, that she’s feeling headache, but she didn’t stop.

She didn’t spend the night again.

I told her I nor see fuel buy. Make heat nor kill her night because my place is very hot.

So, this was my experience.

What Do You Think?


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