PLEASE HELP! My Girlfriend Is Denying Me Sex Everytime, Naijaloadite Cries Out

When we first started dating our sex life was great, but in these past few months she always refused sex.

She’ll give excuses like she’s tired, she’s not in the mood.

Anytime I want to touch, she’ll remove my hand from her body.

This started when she came from school ‘cus she comes to my house from school sometimes.

We can stay for a whole month without sex (she can be with me for two months, so I’m sure she’s not getting it outside) she won’t even be bothered, she’s very hard-working though.

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She cooks, cleans, and a very good wife material. My family loves her, but the issue now is sex.

I can’t be in the house with my girlfriend for two months and no sex.

I’m not the type of guy that cheats but I’m thinking about it.

What I’ll do is I’ll stop asking her.

If konji hold me I’ll go outside because I don’t want to spoil our relationship because of sex.

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