WHAT SHOULD I DO? My Sister’s Husband Beats Her In My Presence

This was sent in by a Usherloaded.com and really wants your contribution.

Hello readers,

Please pardon my typo errors as I really need your advice.

I stay with my sister, they av a 3 bedroom flats. And I stay in one of d room because z closer to my office and I go to my house on weekends.

But since I moved in, I observed dat her husband always beat her.. I don’t know if he just started or he has been doing dat before…because my sister has never complained to us.

Though, if not dat I leave with dem, I will advice every lady to pray for dat kind of guy…cos he z so caring, Av time for his family, comes home early, religious, doesn’t smoke nor drink. Most times do d cooking if he comes home before my sister.

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We r a bit close, cos z a cr7 fan, n we go to viewing center to watch Champions League together, (he prefers viewing centre Dan watching at home).

When I tried to discuss the issue of him beating my sister with him, he was so angry, and he replied dat z not my fault, dats y dey don’t want a third party in der ouse cos ppu will never mind der business.

I also tried talking to my sister, she said do I want her to pack out of her husband ouse or wat do I want her to do if av not gotten another husband for her. Dat every marriage has issues. N she warned me not to tell our parents.

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Actually, z not always a serz beating, may be a slap or two, den my sister will lock his shirt n dey will start abusing each other…after some minutes dey will enter d room n by d time dey come out z always settled.

Most times I will just hear d sound of d slap in my room, by d tym I rush out out, my sister wud av locked his shirt n dey will start abusing each other. When I try to intervene or settle it.

The two of dem will tell me to leave dem alone dat dey will settle it. But I feel bad whenever it happens cos I will feel guilty for not speaking out if domestic violence leads to my sister’s death someday.

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Please Advice If I Should Report To Our Parents Or Not.

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